iThrive Honey Helpers

 We have carefully partnered with top honey providers in Oregon to get the very best raw organic Honey that we have infused with a premium Hemp Extract to make a super tasty way to get your daily dose of healing hemp.  Honey is a Super Food which provides antioxidants called phenolic compounds and has noninflammatory properties to support healing.

Our iThrive Honey Helper Family currently consists of:

Hangover Honey Sticks --with anti-inflammatory properties this stick can help you enjoy an evening out without having to worry about the miserable symptoms associate with overindulging in alcoholic beverages!

Bee Chill Honey Sticks - this propriety blend of Hemp and honey can help with reduce stress and anxiety, help boost mood you relax and wind down and taken prior to bedtime can help with better sleep.

New Flavors Coming Soon!

Watch your emails to get notified when our new healing flavors will be available!  We are working on flavors that have their own unique healing or helping benefits!  We are very excited and you will LOVE them!