Natural Happiness™ CBD Hemp Tinctures Life Essentials

  • Live Anxiety Free
  • Reduce Stress
  • Be Happy Every Day
  • Have More Energy
  • Be Focus and Have Better Concentration
  • Relieve Pain and Inflammation
  • Sleep Better
  • PET BLEND -The Daily Bacon

Why We Add Terpenes to Our Hemp Oil

Simply put, terpenes are natural plant compounds that help plants smell the way they do and they have amazing nutritional qualities and health benefits. For example, one of the terpenes we add to our Energy blend is called Pinene, and it’s the most commonly found terpene in the plant kingdom. If you want to know what it smells like, imagine the smell of a pine tree, or rosemary. Within the blend, three other terpenes we add are:

  • Limonene: shown promise in helping to combat stress and anxiety to help calm your mind and musculature before sleep.
  • Humulene: powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent, lending to a more soothed and relaxed composure.
  • Eugenol: commonly found in clove oil, cinnamon, basil, and nutmeg oils; shown to be a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant.


And Sunflower Lecithin

One of the most interesting things about Lecithin (other than the fact roughly 30% of your brain is made of this stuff) is that it’s not just a common food additive, but a vital component to every healthy cell in our bodies. Now, that said, here are three reasons we’ve added sunflower lecithin to our Daily blend of full spectrum hemp oil:

  1. In our opinion it’s an ideal non-soy and non-animal source of lecithin and it’s extracted without the need for potentially harmful (to humans and the lecithin itself) chemicals/solvents like acetone or hexane.
  2. Sunflower lecithin is rich in choline and provides a host of beneficial phospholipids.
  3. It helps your body emulsify the many beneficial fats in the hemp oil so they can be better absorbed/dispersed into your body.

Specific to the Natural Happiness™ CBD Hemp Relief Product:

Why We Add Frankincense to Our Hemp Oil

Frankincense essential oil is probably as old and ancient as hemp oil, also derived from leaf, stem, and root. The difference is no one’s against its use. No corporations have a vested interest in you being confused and uninformed about it which is why it’s so commonly found in aromatherapy products.

We added frankincense because Marjan’s (owner of Hemp for Fitness LLC) father is a lifelong herbalist who understands its ability to help reduce stress, anxiety, muscular discomforts, and inflammation. The plant’s terpenes are incredible, and when combined with the power of hemp’s more subtle and nutty flavors/aromas it’s just that much better to help still your being.

Dashes of Kava Kava

To increase the calming effect of our Relief blend, we add a small portion of Kava Kava essential oil which has been used for centuries to relieve anxiety, bothersome restlessness, help people get a better night’s sleep, and temper muscle spasms.

That being said, although there are only very small amounts in each 30ml hemp oil tincture be aware that some people can experience negative side effects from Kava Kava. Please check with your doctor and do your homework before integrating Kava Kava into your lifestyle.

Specific to the Natural Happiness™ CBD Hemp PET Product - Daily Bacon:

Why We Add Extra Fatty Acids

In this respect our pets are just like us, they need their diet to provide plenty of Omega 3 & 8 fatty acids to maintain ideal states of health. As 1800PetMeds puts it, “Pets with allergic (flea allergy dermatitis), auto-immune (pemphigus, rheumatoid arthritis), or inflammatory (arthritis, glomerulonephritis) conditions need more Omega 3 fatty acids. Pets that have chronic illness (FIV, FIP, cancer) need more Omega 6 fatty acids.

That being said, be aware that giving your pet too many supplemented fatty acids outside those they get from their food can lead to diarrhea.

 And Natural Vitamin C

Just to supplement your pet’s ability to get vitamin C through metabolism of the glucose in their food for extra antioxidant benefits. Why? Because like us our pets’ bodies are dealing with an increasing amount of oxidative stress thanks to modernization and westernized culture!

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